Truck And Equipment Financing

Easy 4 Steps Buying Process

  • Order a Truck

  • Enroll in our Finance Program

  • Submit Documents

  • Drive Off with your tag 


Affordable payments.

Ask about our Finance Options.

Trucks are inspected, DOT inspection is done and preventative maintenance is performed when you join our leasing program. 

We also ensure that the truck is insured and fully protected with warranty in place.

Call today for more information or complete the order form.

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550 score and above (Experian) – no derogatory items on credit such as major collections, recent bankruptcy, child support, etc.

Preferably 2 years CDL experience helps secure lower down payments.

Down Payments range from 20% to 40% (Can finance truck investors but a larger down payment will be required). We will consider real estate as collateral.

Lower down payments for existing fleet owners (3) years minimum in business and 3 trucks on fleet.

We can finance any type of heavy equipment.


For a full submission, we need the following:

Completed credit app (to be sent when you are ready to begin the process). Send application request to or simply call us at 678-907-0413.

Last 3 months bank statements – all pages in pdf format.

Clear color copy of ID.

Bill of sale and full specs of truck.

**In some instances, last 2 years of tax returns will also be requested.


Please note that we can also do leases or equipment finance.

We also can do start-ups (20 to 40% down) up to $60K

We finance Brand New Trucks.

We finance Used Trucks (2015 or newer, under 650,000 miles)

We finance trucks with Cummins Engines

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